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Cookies are known as the small computer files that are used to put into your computer system when you see at a website whether it is a business website or maybe its a blog. They are used for the different reason but the most important things are that it helps in making things quite easier for you by recall your favoured settings and there is no need to keep typing in your email address. To gain more information about the cookies click here. blog using the Google Analytics tool in order to track the number of visitors, how much time they spend on the blog, how often people return and so on. All this work is done with the help of cookies.

If any of the site visitor or you can say that you don’t want to store the cookies, web browser helps you to allow you to turn off them. For the more information, you have to look here.

Whenever you post any comment then the blog editor have the access to the email address you have entered on the blog or which we will not store or share publicly. We have not stored any of the data like Name or the Email address to get in touch with you.

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Last updated: 17th Oct. 2018