A Review Of Some Of The Most Popular Coffees In The UK


The history of coffee in the United Kingdom goes right back to the mid-17th century when brought to the shores by the British East India Company and the Dutch East India Company. At present, the average British gentleman drinks around two cups of coffee per day.

The original form of coffee that had once monopolized the market has now diversified into a wide variety of blends. Each has its unique taste and colour, making them radically different from each other. Here we go with the top 5 combinations produced by coffee suppliers of the country.

The Bright Roast, Common Coffee

The Bright Roast hails from Kayanza, Burundi. It is a blend of the local red bourbon Arabica, whose seeds are dried in the scorching African sun. The combination carries the taste of mandarin, cherry, and honey, accompanied by vibrant flowers freshness. Moreover, it comes in an eco-friendly package that can be decomposed naturally to form compost.

The D.R. Congo Ground Coffee by Cafe Direct

Single-origin coffee is sourced by Cafe Direct from the eastern DR of Congo, particularly the Muungano corporation. It has a rich aroma of fresh honeycomb with dark chocolate accents. The lime adds a delicate acidity for balance, creating an enchanting experience in flavour. The dried beans are roasted in the London Fields Rotary using the latest technology to extract the most excellent flavours.

The Climpson Estate Signature Espresso by Climpson & Sons

The espresso is made from single-origin beans sourced from espresso providers in the Sidamo area of Ethiopia. The espresso has unmistakable hints of milk chocolate, toffee, and citrus, giving a velvety surface. 

The blending process includes washing the espresso bean to pick just the ripest ones. This results in an ageing interaction that provides the coffee with its fresh flavour profile. It is an assortment that has acquired ubiquity because of its unpredictable taste. It tends to be fermented in any capacity.

The Organic Honduran Ground Coffee by CRU Kafe

The Honduran ground coffee is single-origin and certified as Fairtrade. It is entirely organic with no pesticides or preservatives. The coffees has rich flavours of cashew nuts,nectarine, peach and sweet caramel. Packed with flavour, it is one of the most popular coffee varieties available.

The Good Brew from Allpress

This blend has fruity flavours and fresh flowery accents from beans grown in Rwanda and Ethiopia. These are blended with Brazilian beans for a balanced, creamy finish.

Coffee is the lifeblood of many workers all across the UK. Hence, enthusiasts of this phenomenal beverage have a large variety to choose from. Although the list would be probably endless, these are the most popular choices.