How To Dress Like A British Girl In 9 Easy Steps


French girl style is a little different from British girl style. French usually like dark colors and effortless styling but this is not the case with the British. British are more inclined towards aesthetics in the case of women’s tops and outfits.

It is not necessary for you to follow only one fashion type. You can choose whatever you want. if you feel like dressing up in the French style, you can do so and if you like to keep it British, you can go for that as well. it is totally up to you and you should wear whatever you feel like wearing.

Feel like keeping it British this time? We have compiled some tips for you.All these steps are the ones you ought to follow to emulate your style in the best possible way. This is not as difficult as it seems and can easily make you look as beautiful as you own the look with own the looks Instagram.

Step 1

Pair up jeans and tees with a coat

Winter is just around the corner and coats will be the best friends of everyone no matter men or women. If you pair your cozy jeans and tees with your favorite coat, you will be able to own the looks in no way but the best way.

Step 2

Tights and shoes with the midi dress.

Flat shoes go with almost everything but when you pair them up with a mid-length frock, you just get the look you want. you can get midi dresses from ownthelooks as well as own the looks discount code offers you a huge range of outfits at a discounted price. So make all your shopping dreams come into existence

Step 3

Add colors to the camel coat

British like to keep it more colorful as they are in love with the aesthetic pleasure of the people.

Step 4

Wear laced up heels with suits

To give you a more formal look, you can have this option. Do you think that you will look like a school student due to the suit? Forget it and wear heels to have a grown-up look.

Step 5

Mix colors and prints with each other to have a more particular look with the ownthelooks UK.

Step 6

Go with sport wears having graphic designs on them.

Step 7

Oversize sweater with jeans can make you look even hotter.

Step 8

Go with laced up black jeans with turtleneck sweaters to get the best-styled look.

Step 9

Make sure your accessories are cooler if your dress is dull.

All of the above tips can help you look like a British girl if you want to look like one. This is what can help you when you visit Britain so that you may not look like an obvious tourist there.

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