3 Benefits of a Women-Only Babymoon Experience


Some of the best pregnancy retreats out there are marketed as women-only experiences – that is, only pregnant women can book a slot. While this initially raises questions with prospective guests, especially those who are considering a pre-birth holiday with their partner, once they really dig into the details of a solo babymoon experience the benefits become abundantly clear.

Which is where this blog comes in – sharing three of the top benefits of a women-only babymoon, so that you can book yourself a solo retreat safe in the knowledge that it is doing you, and your baby, the world of good.

Discuss the highs and lows of pregnancy with likeminded women

By opening the babymoon experience solely to women at different stages of pregnancy, organisers can effortlessly create a safe space for both the highs and lows of the journey to motherhood to be aired. Whether you have something good to share, advice for other mothers-to-be, or a challenge that you would love support on, the idea of a women-only retreat is to make airing and discussing these topics a part of the everyday experience.

What’s more, the fact that the babymoon is solely for women who are pregnant means that every other guest is facing the same journey but at their own pace and in their own way – immediately making it easy to build connections and establish relationships. Women who visit these retreats often find that they become lifelong friends with the other attendees, taking the relationships home with them and leaning on them as they enter the next stages of motherhood.

A chance to reset and focus on important me-time

For those women who take the time to book themselves onto a solo babymoon or pregnancy retreat, the benefits are both physical and mental – and can be seen in their approach to motherhood as well as in their overall wellbeing and mental state.

One of the reasons why so many women continue to book babymoon experiences for their second and even third or fourth babies is that it allows them a chance to take a step away from everyday life and reset. For these women, not only does the retreat give you the space to connect with your baby through peaceful alone time, but it removes the need to focus on your partner’s needs as well – turning your attention solely on your own needs.

With other pregnant women around them, all seeking the same balance of peace and relaxation, you can relax into your aches and while away any concerns through conversation and a mix of different activities and workshops.

Access to beneficial workshops and luxury facilities

Finally, a women-only pregnancy retreat is enriched with a programme of workshops and classes, all of which are designed to help women feel more prepared for birth and motherhood beyond.

From mornings spent doing pregnancy yoga, to afternoon classes on breathing and managing the anxiety so closely associated with giving birth, women leave the babymoon feeling empowered and confident in their own ability to handle the challenges facing them.

Most of all, a pregnancy retreat is about embracing the experience you are living through right now, and enjoying the journey as well as the baby that comes at the end of that journey. We believe that pregnancy is the perfect time to identify who you are as a woman and as a mother – taking valuable time pre-baby to enjoy and prepare for what’s to come.

For more information on babymoon experiences and women-only retreats, get in touch with your chosen provider.