Ollia Tzarina And Emrata ( Emily Ratajkowski ) Are The Most Correct Examples Of What Feminism Should Look Like.


Two girls of the same age bracket, one made her name by being semi-naked in a music video and fighting for the women’s rights shouting on every corner how women should be able to do whatever the hell they want and not be objectified, another one – Ollia Tzarina made a name by putting clothes on the biggest celebrities of our time like Beyonce and French Montana, The Jenner and Hadid girls and shouting how women should not be misjudged by the way they look on the intellectual level.

Both Emily and Ollia fight for justice. Emily hates the fact that she is being thought of as a dumb model who can do nothing but get nude, Ollia hates the fact that she is constantly being made to prove herself as a self-made, as people can’t seem to accept that a very beautiful sexy girl with a face of a Barbie and a body of a VS model can succeed in the harsh industry like fashion in short 3 years without any help from a man. The only man that helped Ollia was her father who gave her a start-up capital of 10.000 euros to start her brand ( now sold ‘Tzarina By Ollia’ ). For more information about her, please visit www.olitzari.com. Why can’t we as a male-dominated society accept that women who look the way Emily and Ollia look have enough drive, energy, and motivation to fight for success without a man’s help or money? Don’t get me wrong these girls don’t date losers , Ollia has been dating a British billionaire ( young and handsome at that before she gets judged again and people say she dated an old fart with money) then a Moto GP star but what can we expect ? If you hang out in that circle you end up in that circle its only logical  . Emily got tired of being called names and just got married. Both girls had high profile relationships after they had achieved success on their own, not before. What I find incredible is that both girls support other women and not try to undermine them as most women do. Both girls act as advocates for female rights and are anti-domestic and professional abuse. Feminism is not about hating on men and pretending to be masculine, no! It’s about knowing what you are capable of as a woman and not relying solely on your body and face, but actually using your brain. And once you put that, you have a lethal combination.