Say Sorry To Your Girlfriend With Some Special Gifts


So, have you just screwed up in your relationship? Have you done or said something that has shattered her soft heart into pieces? And now you desperately want to say sorry to her. Well, let’s tell you one thing that you are not the only folk here who is in a situation like this as it happens with almost everyone who is in relationships. There’s nothing to feel like this is the end of the relationship as sometimes, these hiccups are good for a relationship. A situation like this gives you the chance to prove your love and show how strong the bond you are sharing with the woman of your life

Sure, you might have hurt her badly and this particular feeling makes you feel miserable but nothing a heartfelt sorry can’t fix. Simple words but when combined with the pure feeling of true emotion, it becomes extremely powerful. Always remember one thing that deep down, your girl also want to forgive you. When it comes to asking for an apology, your girlfriend definitely deserves something more special. How about combining your apology with a nice gift or a surprise? Now, this article presents you some of the very heart touching and creative ideas of saying sorry that not only would win her apology but at the same time make your bond stronger than before. 

  1. Take Her To A Nice Dating Places:

You guys are from Mumbai and when it comes to finding some amazing romantic places, Mumbai can seriously boast about it. There are some amazing romantic spots you can find where you can ask for her forgiveness in a romantic way. One of such spots is nothing but the Nariman Point since it’s secluded from the bustling of the city and has a great sea view. You can also walk or drive along the beautiful Marine drive and let her know how much sorry and regretting you are. 

  1. Try To Your Luck By Sending A Nice Treat To Her:

When it comes to comforting a broken heart, nothing works better than a combo of fresh and fragrant floral arrangement and delicious cakes. How about delivering it to your girlfriend’s address at the middle of the night? Rather, it would be the best approach to win her heart. Now you might be wondering how to deliver this special gift in the mid of the night. No worry, you can easily go for online cake delivery in Mumbai from FlowerAura, the best online gifting portal in India. FlowerAura is also present in Powai and Malad in Mumbai. You can easily place your order online and FlowerAura will deliver the gifts at her doorstep. 

  1. Take Her To A Romantic Dinner Place:

Finding a romantic and cozy dining place in Mumbai is really like a cake walk as this city is full of that. Some of the very popular dining destinations in Mumbai are Olive Bar and Kitchen, Silver Beach Cafe, Pali Bhavan etc. 

4.Create A Video or Record Of Your Voice:

Finding it a little bit difficult to say sorry in person? No problem! Record yourself while apologize and send it to her via any messaging app. You can also record your message on a CD and add her favorite love songs to it and she would just love this gift. 

5.Gift Her A Jewelry:

It’s not necessary to buy an expensive jewelry to her, instead, you can simply gift her a stunning junk jewelry that would compliment her look in the best way. There are many offline and online stores in Mumbai where you can find an amazing collection of junk jewelry to choose from. 

Well, aren’t these some of the high heart touching and apology gift ideas? You can use these as the individual or as a combination of two or more ideas to apologize to your girlfriend.