Subtle Upgrades To Keep Your Home Looking And Feeling Fresh


You may have lived in your current home for a long time and only decorated when you first
moved in. If so, it’s normal to notice that the decor is starting to look a little bit dull or the
atmosphere doesn’t quite feel right. Even if you recently moved in, previous owners could
have made the place seem dreary with poor interior design choices. Whatever the reason
may be for your home not looking its best, keep reading for advice on how to freshen it up.

Brighten Up the Colours

It doesn’t have to cost much to upgrade the colours of your interiors. Paint for the walls, new soft furnishings, and new art to hang up can all make a huge difference for a minimal cost. Think about how the layout of the room and the placement of natural light sources affect the colours. For example, will a deep shade make a space seem smaller in a positive way or a negative way? This is your chance to not only switch up the colour scheme but also do a neater, more polished job of it. Give yourself enough time to be precise when painting a room for the best results.

Rethink Your Lighting Arrangement

Many professional interior designers lament the use of a sole ceiling light in a room. With
considered lighting arrangements throughout a room, you can adjust and tweak to suit the
mood. Try using a variety of lamps to build a softer, fresher lighting story.

Clean or Replace Your Carpet

If you have a carpet in your home, you know just how enjoyable it can be to feel the softness beneath your feet. However, a stained or dull carpet can detract from an otherwise beautiful room. Cleaning your carpet can help to freshen it up but, if this isn’t an option, you could always replace it. Visit for inspiration about which carpet would look best in your home. Once you’ve chosen it, you can have it professionally fitted to your room’s exact measurements. This will instantly brighten the space and make it seem cleaner and softer.

Improve Your Ventilation

To prevent mould and keep the air in your home feeling crisp and clean, it’s important to
figure out good ventilation. Opening windows and doors for steady airflow is a great place to start. Stagnant, moist air can quickly cause problems such as damp, which then creates
spores that affect respiratory health. Proper ventilation is key to a fresh-feeling home.

Keep It Clean and Tidy

It’s difficult for a space to look or feel fresh if it’s full of clutter. Be strategic and thoughtful
about which possessions you leave on display and which you stash away in a cupboard or
drawer. No one’s telling you to donate all your belongings and become a strict minimalist,
but keeping your home clean and tidy will significantly improve its feeling of freshness.

When your home is looking and feeling fresh, you will find yourself better able to enjoy the
space and live your life properly.