Types Of Glass Verandas


Verandas of glass can beautify your house and give a lavish appeal to it. At the same time, they are the most comfortable form of verandas as they unify both the inner and exterior of the house without dividing them into two. The veranda remains enclosed in glass with a glass roof and walls but allows the freshness of the exterior to flow inside. Since they are so popular, they have evolved in plenty of ways and are available in an awe-inspiring range.

We have covered some of the most cherished types below:-

Garden Verandas

Glass Verandas can be converted into garden and green verandas by decorating the entire space with lively green indoor plants. Those who adore nature will love the garden verandas the most since the beautiful plant hangings and decorations will give them a natural and realistic appeal. These kinds of verandas will give you a fresh space to sit and relax with your friends and pet animals and enjoy the scenic beauty of colourful plants.

Open Verandas

These kinds are most common since these certain sides of the wall are left open to allow open space and only the roof is given to serve as its shelter from rain or heavy wind. They are best for properties with limited space and since open verandas can allow more usage.

Enclosed Verandas

These kinds of Glass Verandas are most suited for those who are looking for a beautiful sitting space with an outdoor view but at the same time enclosure to restrict or control outdoor elements like wind, bugs, etc. to cross through. This kind of space will complement both winter nights as well as rainy days and allow you to have a good quality time. They are gaining fame in the real estate market and are approached by many buyers for the feature. Thus, if you are looking forward to an enclosed veranda, you can also expect a good price increase for your property.

Tinted Glass

Glass can be transparent or opaque, but for veranda, people are experimenting with multiple ranges of tinted and colored glasses for adding a colorful appeal to their veranda. Apart from looks, tinted glazing is also functional. It can help keep the inside of the veranda cool, thus saving on your bills, and also tend to reflect the UV rays during the summer heat.


Whether small or large, verandas are a must for every household for enjoying a certain portion of their house as an exterior. You can use the space for having parties, installing water tubs, gardening, and enjoying BBQs with family and friends during week-offs. Since verandas of glass are becoming immensely popular, you can select from the given options those that suit your liking and house type the most.