What Should You Look Out For When Choosing Private Student Accommodation?


So, you’re ready to move out of your parent’s house and begin the next chapter of your life as a university student. This is equally an exciting time as it is a nervous one. When it comes to choosing your accommodation, there are several options available to you. One of the best options you may wish to opt for is private student accommodation. Compared to halls, your private property can offer you more privacy, freedom to choose who lives with you, and a better level of comfort.

Luxury Student Homes is a provider of student accommodation in Liverpool. With high-quality properties that are fully furnished, all inclusive bills and an excellent level of service, Luxury Student Homes know exactly what students require for the perfect student experience. In this article, Luxury Student Homes provides some tips on what to look out for when choosing your private student accommodation.

What’s Included

One of the first elements that you will want to investigate is what will be included in your move. Unfortunately, moving away from home will introduce you to the adult responsibilities of paying bills. In every case, this will include the rent that covers your right to stay in the property. However, there’s also other things to consider such as energy and electricity, TV and broadband, and water bills, to name but a few. When looking into a property, make sure that you know what will be included. Some landlords may rent out a property with additional bills included in the rent while others may not. Likewise, do you know what you will need to buy from day one? Some properties will include full or part furnishings, while others may include none. This may mean having to fork out extra for necessities such as white goods, bedding and wardrobes.

The Location

Student halls will usually be located near campus or with shuttle services available, but private accommodation may not cater to this. When choosing where to live, there are several questions to ask yourself. Do you want to live in the city where all the action is, or further afield in a quiet neighbourhood? Do you have the capability to travel to campus every day from a distance, or would you prefer living nearby? Your living experience should take into account both personal and educational preferences. The proximity to local amenities and university services are important to consider, as is the safety of the area.

Your Housemates

For many students who choose halls, there is little say in who you get to live with. You will most likely have to share communal areas with an unknown person. When choosing private, however, you may have the opportunity to rent the property with a group of students that you know. House sharing is a great way to spread out the costs of renting and to maintain your social lifestyle. If choosing to live with a person or a group of people, make sure that you can trust them. You don’t want to end up with someone who has a history of stealing or isn’t willing to pull their weight in cleaning up and paying their share of the rent.

View Beforehand

Moving out is a big move and a costly one at that. It’s important that you are completely sure about the property before reaching an agreement with the landlord. Depending on the contract, you may not be able to back out of the agreement and move to a new property should you become dissatisfied. Pictures and descriptions can be misleading. The best opportunity to find out if a property is right for you is by visiting it in person. It may even be wise to visit it multiple times so that all bases are covered. By viewing the property, is your chance to explore the ins and outs. It’s not just about seeing if it’s somewhere that you can live, but also whether there is any damage or issues with the property. Viewings are also a fantastic opportunity to ask the landlord any questions that may help you decide if this is where you would like to stay over the next year or so.