Choosing A 6th Form School In West London


If you live in or around West London, and are choosing a sixth form school, it’s reasonable to understand that you may be finding it challenging.

So much choice, variance in fees, not knowing how to decide etc. are all factors in choosing a 6th form school in West London, yet can often lead to frustration.

However, it need not be frustrating after all. That is, with the help of a few key criteria, it is possible to make your choice not just easier, but actually enjoyable.

Here’s a few tips what to look for when choosing a sixth form school in West London.


To help young people achieve their full potential, it’s vital that they feel settled in a supportive and positive environment. In today’s modern age, they need a sixth form school that reflects modern needs.

Community Values

Any school and its pupils are the foundation of the growth and vibrancy of their community. Schools and academies such as Park Academy West London should pride themselves not only on producing exceptional students, but also exceptional citizens proud of their community, and who in turn make their community proud of them.


A sixth form school should prepare students for their journey into adulthood, and install sound positive values into them during their education. When a school has values such as Self-Worth, Engagement and Purpose, it’s clear that they take the personal – as well as the educational – development of the student seriously.

Free School Meals

Schools know how school meals are vital to nourishing students, so any support they can offer to parents in providing or processing claims for free meals really makes a difference.

Parent communication

Sixth form school is not just for the students; it’s often vital to include effective communication with parents and some schools have adopted innovative practices such as ‘Parent Mail’ to keep parents informed by email.


In these days of increased competition for students and educational facilities, it’s vital to ensure correct governance. By implementing sound practices and oversight, Governance is pivotal to setting and keeping high standards of excellence in schools.

Conclusion: choosing a 6th form school in West London need not be daunting

Of course, every parent wants the best for their children, and especially when it comes to sixth form schools. Students have left secondary school and are well on the path to adulthood and maybe even higher education or university. By choosing a sixth form school in West London that meets the aspirations of the parents and the student, one is giving their child the best chance possible for their future.

By carefully considering any potential sixth form school in West London using the above criteria, it should be a little easier and clearer how to judge different establishments on their relative merits.

Once the parent has done their research and narrowed down their potential choices to a few 6th form schools in West London, the next step would be to arrange a visit and speak with the staff there.