How To Choose A Unique Beauty Salon Name In UK?


Don’t let your business name hold you back from your dreams. If you have the motivation, the resources and the means to open a beauty salon, then the name should be the last thing you worry about. However, the beauty salon name you choose is how people are going to recognize your brand and something to remember you by, so it should be a name well-thought of and unique. Read further and learn how to choose the right beauty salon name for your business.

Write It Down

When you think of something and it is constantly on the back of your mind, chances are you will get ideas about it anywhere. While waiting in line in the bank, driving on the subway, in the shower, and even in your dreams. This is why you need to carry something to write all your ideas down at the same moment they come to you. Whether is your phone, or the back of your hand, you should write all the salon name ideas down as soon as possible, to avoid losing what might have been a great beauty salon name.


Brainstorming is an excellent technique for coming up with creative, innovative ideas about beauty salon names. Get your friends or family around and start all of you thinking of names and reasons for those names. By talking about the whole process, everyone will be motivated and more creative and even if what someone says isn’t so good, it might spark an idea in another person. At first, you will have a lot of irrelevant beauty salon names and ideas but something in there might just be gold.

Create the Logo

If you are a visual person rather than a technical, you might get your ideas going once you see your logo created. Sometimes the logo leaves a stronger mark, so make sure to pay enough attention to it as well.

Online Surveys

If you already have a beauty salon or similar business going and you are already online, you have a valuable source of ideas: your audience. You can create a survey on your fan page or your website and ask your followers/ readers to give you name ideas or to rate and choose one of your beauty salon names that you already came up with. Remember, an objective external help is always welcomed.

Your Name and Location

If you are truly feeling stuck and cannot think of anything, why not use your name in the combination and/ or the location of the beauty salon. While this might not seem extremely creative or innovative, sometimes it’s the best option and it’s a way for your name to live long while the salon is up and running.

Lastly, keep in mind that whatever you choose at first will make you feel doubtful and think that you could have chosen another name. However, if you follow all the steps of this article, be sure that your salon name is the right one for success.