Ways To Transform Your Wedding Venue Into A Paradise

Wedding Venue

A wedding venue should be designed in such a way that it steals the heart of everyone invited. In Essex, numerous recognised wedding planners provide the extraordinary touch to each Essex wedding venue to make it look like out of the world proving the saying that marriages are made in heaven.

Here are some wondrous ideas that can transform any wedding venue into dreamland:

Put a welcome sign:

Your guests should feel warmly welcomed when arrived at the venue. Customised welcome signs add a unique twist which will be remembered by everyone for a long time with a smile. You can add the direction of the wedding hall, catering area, etc. for leading the guests to the exact spot.

Set up a theme:

Selecting an Essex wedding venue won’t completely serve the purpose unless you make it thematic. Choose a colour theme, dressing theme, fairytale, sports, travel, movies, animals, bands, book, or a modern occasion’s theme that means special to the bride and groom as well as the attendees. 

Food that can be intensely felt:

A wedding is wasted without exquisite food. Mouth-watering cuisines not only fill the belly but occupy the hearts. The guests look forward to lip-smacking food items at the wedding. Carefully select the starters, main dishes, desserts, drinks, and refreshments. Ask your wedding planner for getting the best chefs who can deliver their special platters that can give your guests an unparalleled experience.

Time and communication are crucial:

For executing a successful wedding event, proper planning is required taking ample time in hand. Communicating with the suppliers and the professionals who are out to set the venue right is extremely important for a seamless marriage event. Sit and plan with the Essex wedding planners starting from at least 12 months ahead. Book the venue earlier to avoid any kind of shortage. You can always customise later.

Arrange for drinks on arrival:

Offering a refreshing drink to the guests upon arrival is a nice gesture. Again, a post-ceremony gathering with sparkling beverages cheering the newlywed couples and dedicating blissful speech and wishes to them remain unforgettable. A welcoming evening drink is absolutely joyful. Good drinks can make the celebrations honoured and set the mood.

Flower power:

Decoration with beautiful flowers can make each corner of Essex wedding venue ecstatic. Everyone loves a beautifully ornamented staircase, patio, hall, entrance, lawn, etc. with colourful flowers. Try hanging floral or a floral arch exhibit. You can present a scented flower to all the guests when they enter the party.

 Include fun:

Anyone doesn’t want to make their wedding party boring. With the help of Essex wedding and event planners, including entertainment to the wedding occasion. It will help boost the venue’s value. A well-organised wedding venue with a basket full of entertaining things to cherish. Go for some outdoor fun games, music, dance performance, call a band, a magician, etc.  

Give your suppliers, wedding planners, decorators as much insight as possible so that they can bring the wow factor to your wedding venue. Consider the budget.