3 Hints For Making Your Party Better

making Your Party

No matter if you are event agency, party organiser, venue owner or just someone who decided to get together some friends and have one off house party that will be remembered. Despite our tips being very basic, they may help you to make things better and more interesting for your crowd.

What people expect when we say party? Is it a club or bar, some DJs, doorman, long queue to get in, loud music, booze and boobs and flashing lights? It may well be the case if you live in a small village or in the middle of nowhere like in Greenland, or in past century. But if not, people might expect little bit more, or in fact, quite a lot more!

There are so many ideas around how to make the party super cool, but now we’ll cover the basics. Everything here is based on experience of people from a company called Kvant which is the manufacturer of professional laser display equipment and also a producer of hundreds of laser shows. For obvious reasons they get involved in virtually every type of event you could imagine. 

Give your party a theme

Usually people need an impulse to do something or go somewhere – a reason to drag themselves outside of their comfy sofas in front of TV. Making the party theme based should be easy enough for you and at the same time it may provoke some action on the side of your audience. People like themes because they can express their creativity in what they put on and how they style themselves. They like to be able to look crazy, without actually being think of as sick-mad. And from that point of view the theme party is the right place to be at.

Give them a celebrity

It can be someone local or an international Dj star if budget allows. It doesn’t really matter as far as that name will get you in the numbers you need, and of course will entertain the crowd the way you expect.
You can advertise good music, pro sound system, amazing laser display with Clubmax lasers and any other things. But none of that is equal to a big name, such as your local folk star John Smith or top DJ Carl Cox who is well known even to our grandmas. 

Sound and visuals

So now you have the people in, the place is crowded, drinks are flowing fast and your DJ is making everyone jump up and down. Now the visuals and quality of sound come in play. What was not that important during the “get the people in” phase is now critically important if you want to succeed.

  • You need to make sure the sound is the best you can get and that lighting with other special effects actually makes sense.
  • Don’t use 30 different cheap and cheerful flashing lights from a local DJ kit hire store. Go rather for 6 pro-level moving heads and synchronise them nicely with the rest of the effects.
  • Get a haze machine instead of smoke machine – the difference is huge and worth every penny.
  • A quality laser display should be considered as well, because it is an amazing effect and because 85% of party photographs shared on social networks contain lasers – people like them and so it’s free marketing for you. The good laser display would be made of several laser display systems such as Clubmax lasers, that were developed by Kvant especially for party and clubbing environment. If you go for lasers, get a professionals to do it, because the laser safety is the paramount of any proper laser show.