The Investment Industry Around Wine And Whiskey!

Wine And Whiskey

With each festive season on the rounds, people invest into liquor to rejoice in the moment. But apart from what people invest in for celebration, there is a larger streak of people who invest in these liquid assets heavily to not pour it in the glasses but to make it an investment.

Individuals inclined towards wealth increment make investments in what we call as passion investments. These are tangible investments people buy in the form of cars, watches, art, and of course liquor. In these investments the one that is bubbling in the industry the most is the investment in whisky and wine.

It might come as a surprise but liquor investments have soared in return by 132% in the past 5 years. And with each passing year the growth in the global market is estimated to be 20%. And in this race, the US and Asian markets dominate this market structure. And soon enough with continued rise these countries are estimated to be the top most in the coming years.

The fine wine investment!

Not everyone loves to just buy wine and pour it in a crystal glass. Some just want to follow the golden rule Buy-Hold-Sell. And so is the case with some of the finest wines being made around the world.

The common perception of wine is that the older it gets, the finer it is! But that is a myth! Because there are wines that come with a shelf life! They are to be consumed within a couple of years to best retain the taste.

However, this is not the case with fine wines. Fine wines are to be collected and stored for years until they improve in age and taste. Typically the holding period ranges from 10 years to more. And by the time the wine gets ready to be sipped, it becomes an investment too! There is already a demand for the fine taste in the market for which the collector can actually charge ten times or may be a hundred times the price.

The wine investment rates are growing with investors mostly interested in the collect of Bordeaux, Chateau, Magaux, Champagne, etc. There is an advanced market for the fine wines as the demand makes the wines being sold out even before these are bottled.

Vintage wines aren’t just in demand but are priced heavily too. For instance Chateau Haut Brion’s price rise was about 25.6 percent within a year. Another vintage the Chateau Latour saw a rise of 22.4 percent along the same year. The spirits are indeed calling industry enthusiasts to the merchants and consulting firms who specialize in the investment plans build around these liquid assets. There is a ready market of investment of wines where people talk about fine figures around the finer wines!

Whisky connoisseurs

Dalmore 1926 Vintage saw a rise of 450% in its price within a span of three years! In 2011 per bottle of this mighty spirit cost 5196 pounds.

To give a fair idea, whisky is much like investment today. People who don’t wish to invest in gold try to expand their horizons and invest in this liquid gold. One of the crucial factors here is that investment in whisky requires people to hunt down the finest of brewers and buy them when they are still new and fresh. As the prices are to rise with each coming year, there are traders who help you with the insights of the whiskey trading world.

Therefore the investment is on the physical whiskey from the finest of brewers like Here the traders have an access to the fine bottled and casked whiskey which is then made available to the clients.

People have option to either reach out to the auctions and open markets to buy physical bottles or get assistance from the consulting firms to lay hands on some of the rare or quality varieties. After acquiring the whiskey is to be preserved for years, under controlled conditions, so as to maintain its beauty. With time the supply of any whiskey is bound to decrease and with a decline in supply the values of the bottles increase.

Some of the finest whiskey brewers only have a capacity to produce a maximum of a thousands bottles per year. Given that all are not heavily invested in as an investment there are bound to be only a few secured for the future.

Trading on wine and whiskey

With an experience in the field of spirits there are consultants available for you to understand just how to go about invest in liquid assets. The whiskey merchants lay hands on the finest of quality brews directly from the collectors or brewers to make available a range of wine and whiskey bottles for their clients.

The bottles are maintained and sold to the clients demanding them at the right price. The stock of whisky is to be held for a minimum of 5 years or until the liquor turns 30. It is estimated that even the most expensive bottles see an uprise in the price by almost thrice or even multiple times above the retail price. The one who holds for the right time gets to bag the best price.

Investment in whisky and wines

Vintners and whisky merchants have been the pioneers in the investment of liquor. They collect wines and whiskey from some of the finest brewers and wine collectors. No matter what the magnitude of investment one if trying to do, there is a systematized trading system to determine the price of the bottles, their rise and the ready market which happens to provide for the bottle prices anytime.

The bottles that might be popped for just a celebration can bring you a bigger celebration with its potential to grow in the few years. It’s true that the finest of experience of wine comes when you pop the bottle and sip it – but if you aren’t in a mood – you might as well preserve it for a glorious future in line waiting for you!