Expert Guide For Digitizing Stock Embroidery Designs

Embroidery Designs

In today’s world, fashion has become a lifestyle in itself but what actually fashion is? Fashion defines high-end art and has culture attached to it. It is all about creativity and new ideas that make any piece unique and make it a statement piece. A number of techniques are being used currently around the world. One of them is stock embroidery design.

Getting started with stock embroidery can be pretty hectic but like any other skill, it has to be learned patiently. But the problem started when there is an abundance of knowledge available out which is not really required. For convenient embroidery digitizing we have some pretty simple techniques to help you get started:

  • Use Pre-digitized letters-  These letters are used to make digitizing easier and faster. It saves a lot of time. So many designers use them when in a hurry but they need to be used very carefully. You should be aware of the fact that if space between letters is required or not. Otherwise, there will be a hole and can create problems in the designing.
  • Measure Stitch Density- Learning to measure the stitch density is one of the important roles because it varies from material to material. As, in satin, all you need to do is start from one end and end at another. But with other fabrics, it is different. Sometimes you need to skip some space for better detailing
  • Laying an Underlay- Being aware of the underlay is a must. As it is explained above, every fabric has different qualities, some are thick whereas, some are thin. To make the embroidery stay on the thin material for a longer period, we use underlays. It helps keep holding the designing close to the fabric.
  • Push and Pull compensation- Knowing Push and pull compensation reconciliation is the key. As the length of the stitch decreases as it sometimes gets pushed inside the cloth. It can be difficult to handle because when you design it on the software it seems different as it is on the piece of cloth.

To sum up, these are a few points that should be taken into account whenever you are attempting to do digitizing stock embroidery designs. To get professional results for either custom or stock embroidery designs, you can hire experts like megri embroidery digitizing agency for the quick and convenient services. Remember Quality over quantity is what clients prefer.