Lose Weight The Natural Way


A native Indonesian fruit, Garcinia Cambogia is used as an effective weight loss supplement due to the presence of HCA which aids in the fat burning process. In earlier times this fruit was used as a food for the natives in Malabar but later its medicinal properties were explored. The HCA contained in the skin of the Garcinia Cambogia is known to produce effects of appetite suppression and weight loss and have been observed to produce similar results for both the genders.


Several research studies have been conducted over the years but there has been no gender specific experiment to establish specific results on men. However, the supplement made from such fruit is known to provide better results if it contained a hydroxycitric acid content of about 60 percent. There has been no specific result of the supplement on either sex until and unless male and female hormones are the topic of discussion.

Purchasing the genuine extract

To ensure purchasing the genuine extract of this supplement it is safer to select a supplier who is known to market only high quality extracts in the state or area from where it is to be purchased. Potential customers will be able find hundreds of online retailers marketing oral Garcinia Cambogia tablets but it should be known that all of them do not stock pure extract version of the compound. Such a supplier should be chosen who provides 100% genuine version of the product with no inclusion of fillers and additives. Due to its simple and positive legal status, this supplement is easily available for sale in almost all retail outlets in the market all over the world.

Tablets vs. Liquid Form

In order to get the best results for weight-loss, the capsule form of the supplement must contain at least 60% of HCA content in it. This form of the product is frequently available in the market and can be procured from almost all supplement outlets. The oral Garcinia Cambogia tablets should be taken before taking any meal and should be consumed with clean water. It is essential to maintain a 1hour gap between the ingestion of this compound and the meal and the intake level should be maintained between 500mg to 1000mg. In order to maintain such ingestion limit multiple capsules might have to be taken at about half an hour before meals to ensure that the product generates the optimum results.

The liquid form also needs to have the same concentration of HCA as the capsule form in order to provide the best output. However, the time of consumption for this supplement is different from the capsule version. The liquid form needs to be ingested about 10 to 15 minutes before taking a meal. After consuming such compound it must be ensured that no liquid or food is consumed for the next 15 minutes. The liquid will get absorbed by the body and emit the appetite suppressing characteristics and this routine should be continued to obtain prolonged results.