Why Should We Invest In Well-Fitted Shoes?


Many people don’t pay much attention to getting the correct shoe size. If a pair of shoes looks pretty, they’ll buy it regardless of whether it fits them or not. However, knowing the right size and investing in wide fit shoes is crucial due to their various benefits.

Alleviates Health Problems

Narrow shoes often cause health problems. When your shoes don’t fit properly, corns can occur on the outer side of your toes. These can trigger bunions as well. This is why people should generally buy extra wide fit shoes and the ones who have inherited bunions should opt for extra wide shoes to get relief from aggravation and discomfort of ill-fitted shoes. Moreover, narrow shoes can also cause back problems and joint pain. Thus, it is essential for the feet to fit perfectly in the shoes to avoid health problems.


Footwear that is poorly fitting causes pain. Several studies have proved how ill-fitting footwear can negatively affect the mood. Thus, with pain elevating from narrow shoes, people tend to be in bad moods. Extra wide shoes can help relieve the pain making the whole walking experience comfortable. Moreover, trying to fit your feet into tight shoes causes uneasiness as the feet can’t move freely. This narrow surface causes a misbalance of the entire weight of the body standing on the feet, affecting the overall stride.


Ill-fitting shoes make the feet look ugly. They can cause bulging on the top or sides where the shoes end, red marks and sores due to the tightness of the shoes, visible outline of the toes bulging from the side, and the heels touching the ground. All of this can make even the most stylish shoes look ugly on the feet. This is why it is important to get  extra wide shoes to avoid such problems and make the feet look more appealing.

Extra Space for Feet to Breathe

Wide fit shoes allow the feet to have an extra space to wriggle around freely and breathe. If the feet are cramped up in tight-fitting, narrow shoes, it can lead to a fungal infection. Thus, it is always important to ensure the toes have an extra space to move around within shoes.

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