Should I Choose Ancestry Or 23AndMe?


Websites like and have given people the hope of discovering who they are and where they come from. Even if you were raised by two parents, you may not know much about your bloodline beyond them. For those who were not raised by their parents and have no personal relationship with their blood relatives, they are going to be even more curious to know their bloodline.


The benefit of using a service like Ancestry or 23andMe comes from their DNA testing procedure. This is where you would send in a sample of your DNA and it would be tested to determine its genetic heritage. In other words, the DNA test will help you discover your ethnic ancestry and what percentage of each ethnicity is inside you. Furthermore, DNA testing can help you learn about your unknown ancestors and other people with similar last names that you may be related to. If your family tree is currently incomplete or not large enough, then one of these services are what you would want.

The question is, do you use Ancestry or 23andMe to discover your lineage? When each one was examined, they were both found to charge about the same price for their services. The one you choose will really depend on which specific services you need. The basic services which both companies offer include raw DNA mapping, Ethnic Profiling, and DNA matches. They both have different methods of testing but both results have been found to be reliable.

Overall, Ancestry is better suitable for people who want to learn more about their family tree and may possibly want to locate long-lost relatives and family members. As for 23andMe, you may find out more information about their services while paying the same price. Aside from learning about your great-grandparents and other relatives, 23andMe will also help you understand crucial medical information within your gene pool.

For example, if there are people in your family who have bad reactions to smog, sugar, alcohol, or caffeine, the health reports from 23andMe should be able to show this. If there is a gene mutation found that you could pass on to your children, the health reports can show this too. Therefore, if you care more about the medical history of your family lineage then choose 23andMe. Otherwise, Ancestry is preferable if you want to really dig deep into the roots of your family tree, more info can be found about each online.