What Are The Characteristics Of Sit On Top Kayaks?

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A sit on top kayak is considered to be a double hull boat. It consists of foot braces, seats as well as various other spaces for storage which are specially moulded and designated onto the deck. Sitting on top allows beginners to explore different activities without any constraints and fear.

What Is The Feature Of Sit-On-Top Kayaks?

Most sit on top Kayaks consist of drain holes regarded as scuppers which facilitates the flow of water right over the top portion of the boat to drain back out via the bottom part of the hull.

The combination of both self-draining, as well as self-rescue, makes sit-on-top kayaks an ideal choice if someone is in search of a recreational kayak for paddling further away from the shore.

The lower, flat design of numerous sit-on-top kayaks is very beneficial to launch and land. The passengers feel very easy to lower themselves onto the seat and swing their legs on the board. This is why sit-on-top designers are considered a great choice for paddlers having limited mobility.

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Sit-On-Top Kayaks?

One of the common advantages of it is self-rescue and how easy it is to enter onto the boat. These kayaks are sealed from top to bottom completely. This means flipping your kayak would only require a back upright along with climbing back on it to get back in your action.

There’s no requirement of any specific self-rescue skills to be secure and safe onto the kayak and most folks hold expertise in quick self-rescue with some practice.

They sit on top Kayaks are not likely to get filled with water until and unless some issues occur with a hatch. This means they could be paddled in the event of capsizing. There’s no requirement for swimming to the shore and emptying or performing a rescue to take all the water out from the cockpit.

What Are The Major Disadvantages Of Sit-On-Top Kayak?

The biggest advantage is that the paddler is very exposed to the outer elements because of the open design. No cockpit is there to properly seal it from cold weather, wind as well as rain.

It is self-rescue and could be drained quickly because of the scupper holes which allows backing up the water into the boat from beneath. Waves might start washing over the deck by ending up on a lap.

Paddlers who are choosing sit-on-top kayaks are recommended to wear appropriate kinds of clothing to not catch a cold and to remain dry.


Hence for the sake of safety, all the paddlers are instructed to wear the right type of clothing which would suit the ongoing temperature of the weather to avoid developing any illness.