Different Dental Specialists For Oral Health Issues


Dentistry is not a field where one specialist can treat all kinds of issues. You would need a professional for different dental health concerns to get the apt treatment to help eliminate the complications you are facing. While a dentist can provide you with routine checkups and cleaning processes, you seek help from a surgeon in case of dental implants.

So, you have to learn about the different types of professionals in specialist dentistry Essex to be able to visit the right person at the time of need. It will give you clarity that there is a different doctor for your teeth and gum. However, if you do not have any complications but want to beautify your jaw by correcting the teeth placement, you would need a different professional altogether.

Different Types Of Dental Specialists

General Dentist

You would see a general dentist for all kinds of regular dentist visits. These professionals do primary dental checkups to identify any existing or potential issues with your oral health. They can also help you with cleaning and treat harmless gum pains that occur without any underlying complexity.


These professionals help people with issues related to the nerves connecting the teeth. For example, if you wish to do a root canal, where the doctor cuts the nerve connecting the tooth, you would have to visit the endodontist.


In case of missing or crowded teeth, your orthodontist can help! If you are experiencing bad bites or find the placement of your teeth quite uncomfortable, visiting your orthodontist would be your first step. They can help you with braces, wires, and other dental treatments, which can help fix the tooth placement.


The dentist for adults is not necessarily a dentist for kids as well! So, every time your children face any complication with their teeth, a pedodontist is your person. These professionals take special training in treating dental health issues in children. Expect them to provide the right solutions with medications and treatment procedures which are safe for children.

Dental Surgeon

Specialist dentistry Essex is a dental surgeon. As the name suggests, these professionals can handle all kinds of dental surgeries, irrespective of the complexity involved. Sometimes, people get their jaw damaged after an accident, so in such situations, only a dental surgeon can provide the right type of treatment.

Apart from this, various other dental health professionals deal with some or the other issue related to teeth, gums or oral health. Every time you face a difficulty or a complication, the first step should be to identify the concern and visit the right dentist for its solution. You can also start by visiting a general dentist and ask him if he would suggest you see a specialist.