How To Choose The Best Oil Absorbent Mats For Your Needs

absorbent mats

If you work for, manage or own a business that frequently uses oils, fuels, solvents, coolants or other chemicals, then leaks, drips and spills can’t always be avoided. Not only is it important to prevent these hazardous liquids from making floors or worksurfaces dirty, slippery and dangerous, but you must stop them from contaminating the ground and causing harm to wildlife and the environment.

What Are Absorbent Spill Mats And What Do They Do?

Absorbent spill mats can be used as a pre-emptive measure, laid down in areas where there is the potential for spills, to stop the liquid and trap it before it gets the chance to run onto the ground. They are an affordable containment product which catch and contain hazardous liquids so that they can be safely disposed of to keep the workplace or site safe, clean, and compliant.

There are various different types of absorbent mats available, so here are some things that you need to consider in order to choose which is best suited.

Where Do You Need Them For?

Spill mats can differ in their weight, size, construction, and capabilities so it is important to have a clear picture of the facility that they are going to be used for. Some of the sectors and industries that commonly require absorbent mats are;

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Automotive and motorsport
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Food
  • Transport

You also need to consider if they are being used inside, outside or if you require both. If you are looking for outside use, then you might want mats that solidify the hazardous contents so that it cannot overflow or run out onto the ground. For inside you might prefer something heavy-duty, that’s good for high-traffic areas with non-skid properties to help prevent slipping and keep workers safe.

What Type Of Chemicals Are You Dealing With – Oil, Acids, Battery Chemicals, Caustics?

Some spill mats are better designed for dealing with certain liquids, for example if you are working with something like acids, then there are special mats that have acid neutralisers that prevent them from damaging equipment or harming personnel. There are even some that have colour indicators that signify that the acid has been neutralised.

For those working with oil and fuels, there are mats that work to trap the oil inside, turning it into a gel so that it won’t leak out, even if the mat is rained on or pressure washed.

What Do You Need Them For?

Ascertain how many different places you need them and if they are all for the same or different purposes. Spill mats are extremely effective when used in areas where spills are most likely to occur such as;

  • Under refuelling equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Workstations
  • Pumps
  • Generators

How Big Are The Areas That The Spill Mats Need To Cover?

Spill mats come in various sizes that can absorb different amounts so you should have a rough idea of how many gallons you need it to be able to contain and the surface area of the mat that is needed. This will affect the type you get as the bigger the mat and the larger the surface area, the more liquid it will be able to absorb.