Five Reasons To Switch To LED Home Lighting…Immediately!


So chances are that by now it would be pretty difficult to find anyone in the United Kingdom that hadn’t at least heard of LED lighting technology. In fact, it would probably be fair to say that finding someone who wasn’t aware of the fact that LED lighting is something a superior choice would also be quite the challenge to say the least. It may have only hit the mainstream market relatively recently, but it’s been around for more than long enough for folk to grasp the basics.

LED Home Lighting

All of which leads to the rather obvious question – why are so many millions still not making the most of LED lighting in their own homes? The ban on incandescent light bulbs has at least started steering the masses in the right direction, but why is the nation’s switch to LED technology still rather on the slow side?

Well, realistically it can only be attributed to the fact that so many people may still not fully understand and appreciate the true benefits and advantages of LED technology. So with a little help from the experts at the light yard, here’s a quick overview of five completely indisputable reasons as to why now really is the time to make the switch, once and for all:

1 – Save Energy, Save Money

First up, when it comes to the specific benefits the buyer in question can expect to get out of the deal, really all you need to know is that LED lights save you money…and plenty of it, too. When compared to an outdated incandescent bulb or even the halogen bulbs still hugely popular today, you’re looking at energy savings on a per-bulb basis of around 90%. And when you consider the fact that you are no doubt powering dozens of bulbs all around the home for hours on end, day in and day out, this amounts to a hell of a lot of energy saved. And when you also consider the fact that electrical energy neither grows on trees nor is offered free of charge, it simply makes sense to save as much of the stuff as possible.

2 – Buy Now, Keep Long-Term

It’s often said that LED bulbs are the types of bulbs you take with you when you move house. This may not necessarily be true these days for the simple reason that they aren’t nearly as expensive as they use to be, but when it comes to how long LED bulbs generally last, they simply cannot be compared to any other standard type of household lighting. Bringing halogen spotlights into the equation once again – bright and beautiful they may be, but they are also prone to popping and exploding on a relatively regular basis. Not the end of the world as they might not be particularly expensive, but at the same time there’s absolutely no sense in continually replacing something when you could instead buy one LED bulb and have it last around 20 times longer.

3 – Endless Options

On the aesthetic side of things, LED bulbs these days can be picked up in literally every colour, design, style and finish even the most imaginative of individuals could dream up. As such, no matter what kind of theme or interior décor the home currently boasts, you are absolutely 100% guaranteed to find the perfect LED bulbs to suit the place. They are up for grabs at largely every standard lighting/home DIY store in the UK right now, though can also be purchased with even greater value for money online.

4 – Do Your Bit

The fact that LED lighting uses approximately 90% less energy than a comparable halogen bulb should tell you that along with savings on energy bills, you’re also doing your ‘bit’ for the environment. But it’s not only the energy savings that do something positive for the environment in general either – LED bulbs also contain no mercury and are fully recyclable. It’s an inexpensive yet hugely effective way of doing something positive for the environment, while also doing a favor or two for yourself at the same time.

5 – They’re Getting Cheaper All the Time!

Last but not least, it’s probably safe to say that the biggest reason why so many have yet to make the switch to LED technology is the way in which it has always been relatively expensive…at least in a comparative sense. These days however, less than £5 will stretch to the kind of elite quality LED lighting which just a couple of years ago would have been well over the £15 mark – and things are still getting cheaper all the time. So if you haven’t actually looked into the prices of LED bulbs recently and have simply assumed that they are still comparatively expensive, it might be time for a second look…chances are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!