Summer: Tips on Training, Diet and Integration


Every year we find ourselves at the end of June to come to terms with what has been done during the winter. There are those who look in the mirror and will compliment kg for loss, there are those who will smile in looking at his lean physique and toned, and there are those who will wonder how it should behave in this period. In Summer it is important to follow certain rules to avoid losing your work during the winter.

What to Eat

In this period most of the athletes on a diet of definition, aimed at reducing the I think in order to be well-defined and dry for the test suit.

However, it is very important to slightly modify their diet in order to deal with the heat with full energy. Here are some tips:

Fruit: in summer it is very important to eat as it is to be rich in water and mineral salts, which essential to not feel tired and exhausted.A little salt: salt tends to absorb water causing dehydration.Not abbuffatevi: the heat of his is already exhausting and if we add meals rich food hardly able to get up from bed.

Little caffeine: coffee or caffeine itself tends to raise the body temperature. Eat often: try to eat (following your diet) often, so never leave your body lacking energy.

Obviously in Summer avoid trying diets in mass as it will be very difficult because of the heat this leads to eating less and therefore it is really difficult to take many kcal. If you really do not want to follow a diet of definition, then set the whole thing on a normal calorie so as not to lose the results obtained and remain on standby until the end of the summer.
What to Drink

Obviously, the answer is simple, abundant water, which is essential in the summer to keep the body hydrated always. However, during training, for those who do not throw in the towel because of the high temperatures, it is recommended that the intake of minerals with water.

By sweat, these important electrolytes are ejected, and the consequence of this is fatigue immediately and that typical feeling of exhaustion. To avoid this, assume during training a dose of mineral salts.

Avoid too sugary drinks, as the sugar while ricaricandovi the batteries (for a few minutes) tends to bring to drink continually.
How to train

For those not going to pull the plug from training, my advice is to not overdo it too much. The body is already weakened by the excessive heat and an exhausting workout will not bring many benefits.

Instead, try to maintain the progress made throughout the summer and then start again in October with intensive workouts.

How to behave during outings, holidays, and various moments of leisure

You are professionals who play regular games? In this case, it is not sacrosanct “overdriven” never.

For all other athletes who do not have to play games and follow diet and a workout just to feel good about themselves then the advice is one, do not worry.

Going on vacation for a few weeks and forgetting about diet and exercise can only benefit you, not on a physical level but on a mental level. You will want to do with loads and restart your system.

Do not worry for a whole day so if you can not follow the diet or are unable to perform your workouts. It takes some time before the results go up in smoke.

Indeed advice often even to those who do not go on vacation to take two weeks of rest from it all. Every now and then disconnect just makes good, do not ever forget it.

Obviously, this does not mean that you will have to dedicate a whole month to idleness and junk food, otherwise, the consequences will be inevitable.

If you really can not pull even on holiday then you should know that there are plenty of facilities, bathing or not, that offer their customers gyms and fitness classes.

What supplements to use in the summer?

The integration is very diverse and usually follows the power. If you are defining obviously the council is to support a thermogenic or acetyl-L-carnitine to turn fat into energy.