Top UK Destinations To Take The Kids This Year


Keeping children off of computer games and outside when the weather is good is one of the many challenges that a lot of us face. But with many activities on offer up and down the country as well as in your own county, it is possible to enjoy time in the sun together. In this article, we will be showing you some of the top destinations to take your kids to this summer.

A Family Trip To A Theme Park 

If you are looking for a day filled with fun in the sun a visit to the theme park is the perfect way to enjoy fun with the family. Whether it is a small local theme park or a visit to Alton Towers or Thorpe Park, you can make the perfect that your children will remember for the rest of the summer. Ride roller-coasters, eat foot and even visit one of the shows for ultimate summer fun. 

A Trip To Devon 

If you are looking to spend some time in the countryside, the rolling hills of Devon are the perfect option for you. With the option of the best park holidays Devon can offer as well as several other attractions in the area, you can have a holiday for the whole family regardless of the age of your children. In addition to this, the travel time is minimal allowing you to travel here with ease even for a week away or even a long weekend either on a campsite or in one of the many holiday parks and resorts in the area.  

A Visit To The Zoo 

For just a day out with the kids, you can do no better than a trip to the zoo. This is not only an educational experience for younger children, but it is a great opportunity for budding young photographers to take images and enjoy a day out with the family. With many zoos to choose from such as London or Colchester, you can enjoy the ultimate day out with either family or friends with the amazing weather. In addition, some of the zoos allow you to feed some of the animals making this an unforgettable experience for younger children. 

Visiting The Cinema 

If the zoo is a little bit out of reach there is always the option of visiting the cinema. This is the perfect way to keep the kids occupied without having to spend a small fortune. With several new releases coming out throughout the year, this is a monthly activity that you can do with the kids throughout the summer. In addition, you can also invite a friend as and other family members along and make a day out of the trip by spending time in the parks or visiting other friends’ homes. 

Whether you are planning ahead for the summer or you are looking to keep your children occupied on the weekends as the weather begins to improve, we are sure that these few simple options will help you to make the most out of any situation. Which will you be choosing?