5 Things to Look for in Aquarium Plants

Aquarium Plants

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Aquariums are a fantastic addition to any space, and adding plants to them will not only make them look more visually appealing but will massively benefit their habitats. Overwhelmed by all the aquarium plants that are out there? Here is everything you need to consider when you shop, so you can make the best possible choice.

Plant Type and Compatibility

The first step is understanding different types of aquarium plants. These are as follows:
Foreground plants remain short and stay close to the bottom of the tank, while tall background plants create depth and help you create beautiful backdrops. Mid-ground species grow moderately tall and make good centrepiece plants. Floating varieties offer shade and cover on the surface, while carpeting plants spread horizontally and cover the substrate – hence their names!

You should ensure that the plant types you choose suit the look you are trying to create in your aquarium, along with the behaviours of your fish. Some aggressive swimmers or burrowers may uproot delicate stem plants or disturb carpets., so be sure to bear this in mind!

Light Requirements

Lighting plays a crucial role in photosynthesis, and it is this that enables your aquarium plants to produce food and maintain healthy growth. Different plants have varying light requirements; some thrive under low lighting conditions, others need moderate lighting, and some sit at the other end of the spectrum and need lots of light to thrive. Always research the specific light preferences of each plant before purchasing and be sure to upgrade your lighting fixtures if necessary.

Growth Rate and Maintenance Level

It’s important to think ahead too, so be sure to consider the speed at which the plants you are thinking of buying will grow and how much maintenance they require. Rapidly growing species might outcompete slower ones for nutrients, while slower-growing types may take a while to fill out the space in your aquarium. There’s no right or wrong option – it just depends on what you are looking to achieve in your tank!

Maintenance refers to pruning, trimming, and cleaning around the plants regularly. Low-maintenance options are ideal for aquarium owners who don’t have a lot of time to spend on the upkeep of their tanks. If this sounds like you, prioritise that in your search.

Hardiness and Disease Resistance

Hardier plants adapt more easily to changes in temperature, pH and other environmental factors, making them suitable for beginners. They can also recover faster from damage caused by fish or snails. Certain diseases can rapidly spread among vulnerable plants, and this will affect the overall health of your tank. So be sure to choose resilient species if this is a concern for you.

Visual Appeal

Last but not least comes the visual appeal of your plants. We know it’s easy to become absorbed in what’s going on inside your aquarium, but it’s important to think of what it will look like within the room as well. So, bear the interior design of the space when you shop as well – although never sacrifice functionality for looks alone!

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